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Why Consult A Holistic Nutritionist?

Why Consult A Holistic Nutritionist?

by Marcie Millar, RD, LDN, Cert in Herbal Medicine & DSHEA Law, 401-782-6800

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After almost 15 years working as a holistic nutritionist, I still have a hard time getting people who do not know me to understand what I do.

Holistic means to take a clinical look at the whole person. This includes a thorough nutrition assessment from food allergies and intolerances to medical diagnosis and history, pertinent lab work, and diagnostic testing, finances, taste buds, time to shop, eat, cook- who shops, who cooks- who you eat with, medications and dietary supplements you take, and more.

Most importantly, based on comprehensive information about you- me, you, and the computer work out a plan that is specific and therapeutic for YOU. It is customized, not a one-size-fits-all handout or a cookie-cutter diet. The focus is instead on lifestyle.

The primary reasons people come in for consults are:

  • They have not benefited from conventional medicine.
  • There is no medical treatment for their ailment.
  • Weight loss program failure
  • Concern about their nutritional status
  • Feel poorly but have no diagnosis or recommended treatment
  • Are confused about the vitamins and herbs they take and want to know if they are safe, interact with other medications or supplements, or are a waste of money.
  • Do not tolerate medication, medication does not work, or want an alternative

Believe it or not, most of our health problems have roots deep in nutrition. Many drugs can in the right hands have a non-prescription alternative or therapy available. Also, many drugs can be complemented by a non-prescription supplement or way of eating to reduce the dose and side effects.

I see men and women often for weight loss, cholesterol, fatigue, depression, anxiety, hormonal changes, IBS, insomnia, constipation, diabetes, as well as children with focus, eating, and obesity issues.

Remember you are what you eat. Drugs are not always the answer. Conventional medicine can save your life but it can also cause problems if not utilized with a comprehensive holistic approach.

Click here for information on customized diet plans or to schedule a consultation.