Nutrition & Supplement Therapy Plans – Most Insurance Accepted

If no insurance or high deductibles, consults start at $40.00.

Call Marcie Millar at Vitamin Smart for professional nutrition consultation! We offer the purest, most effective vitamins & supplements, including professional brands you can’t get at health stores or pharmacies. Phone consultations are also available.

During your consultation, a customized holistic health plan is created (examples: 1, 2) focusing on nutritional and supplement therapy and prescription drug alternatives – natural health care seeking to heal health problems.

Plans are personalized and offer multiple meal choices. Labeling, dosage instructions and shopping lists are provided. Supplements are cross-referenced for interactions, and free of toxins, allergens, and unnecessary binders and fillers. Group and family sessions are available. Most insurances are accepted, and if you have no insurance or high deductibles, consults start at $40.00.

These crucial points make the Vitamin Smart difference

  • Holistic consultation
  • Safe diets and science-based supplements
  • Phone consultations available
  • Nutrition and diet therapy
  • Naturopathic care
  • Medical nutrition therapy
  • Personalized meal plans and shopping guides
  • Family and group sessions
  • Referenced internet search Professionally dispensed dietary supplements
  • Cross-referenced food and drug interactions, checked for research, right dose
  • Individual dosage and labeling instructions
  • Free of toxins, allergens, binders, and fillers
  • Prescription medication complements and alternatives

Call 782-6800, email, or use our secure contact form for your first consultation. Your health will thank you!