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Do you get professional quality vitamins and diet help when you buy supplements and choose your nutrition health plan?

Marcie Millar has been a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist for 26 years. She specializes in nutrition therapies for health and illness, utilizing complementary and alternative care when needed.

She works in private practice and in retail consumer education. Vitamin Smart, her business, offers both consultation and professional retail sales of supplements, with guidance when needed. Marcie's focus is on customized planning. Each client leaves her office with a care plan developed with them and unique to their health needs and lifestyle.

For the past 18 years, she has specialized in customized diet therapies and science-based dietary supplements for men, women, children and families of all ages, using a holistic approach and natural solutions.

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Marcie's Nutrition Articles & Links

Nutrition Articles

Links to my articles and other info sites regarding nutrition, diet, exercise, weight, lifestyle...

Marcie Millar's Resume

Marcie's Resumé

Marcie A. Millar, RD, LDN - Registered Dietitian, State-Licensed Nutritionist, and Graduate of Foundations in Herbal Medicine...

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