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We create a custom plan for you to improve and restore your health through clean food, exercise and supplements.

Marcie is a Registered Dietitian and State-Licensed Nutritionist for 30 years. She specializes in nutrition therapies for health and illness. (Read more…)

Only The Best Supplements

Completely researched, pharmaceutical- grade, third party tested supplements, all hypoallergenic and vegan.

You get better quality than Amazon and local drugstores for less, from a healthcare professional with 30 years experience! (Read more…)

Most Insurances Accepted

With most insurances accepted, the only thing waiting is to call today!

Best supplements, best advice.  Get vitamin smart. Your health will thank you.

Our Diet Plans & Supplements:

Naturopathic. Holistic. Scientifically-proven. Plant-based. Vegan. Third-party-tested. Herbal remedies. All-natural. Organic. Clean. Local. Affordable. Many only available to practitioners.

CBD, DNA testing, & bioidentical hormones now available.

Health Questions Answered:

Is vegan the way to go? Is this a healthy diet? How do I find good, clean foods & supplements? How should I lose weight, slow aging or treat my anxiety or depression?

Your answers are just an appointment away!